[H-Season] Book 1 – Chapter 4: The Walter Matthewow Bunion Crawl

In Chapter 4 of our fanfiction, we go back in time to the dance tournament at an underground Olive Garden that changed the MichaelTaker and UnderTaker forever. Find out who prevails at the contest, as John Cena and Shaq release their new album. With Alyssa Cowan (alyssapants.com / @alyssapants / Washington, DC), Ahmed Vallejos, and Jamel Johnson (jameljohnson.com / broccolihouse – Instagram / Washington, DC).

[H-Season] Book 1 – Chapter 3: Triple H, Henry Hector Havarti

In Chapter 3 of our fanfiction, Triple H introduces a tournament for all the wrestlers, while the UnderTaker continues to struggle with marriage issues. A complicated love triangle (or square?) causes problems for the MichaelTaker. Is it too late for him to be saved? With Alyssa Cowan (alyssapants.com / @alyssapants / Washington, DC), Noah Crowley (@nonocrowley / Springfield, VA),… Continue reading [H-Season] Book 1 – Chapter 3: Triple H, Henry Hector Havarti