[H-Season] Book 1 – Chapter 6: Shazam and the Big Man

In Chapter 6 of our fanfiction, Big Show and Shaq are on the way to film a blockbuster movie, when Bray Wyatt calls them with some frightening information about an evil demon. Will they save the rest of the earth from it? Find out! Also, a bonus steamy short story about the Shield.  With Alyssa Cowan (alyssapants.com / @alyssapants /… Continue reading [H-Season] Book 1 – Chapter 6: Shazam and the Big Man

[H-Season] Book 1 – Chapter 4: The Walter Matthewow Bunion Crawl

In Chapter 4 of our fanfiction, we go back in time to the dance tournament at an underground Olive Garden that changed the MichaelTaker and UnderTaker forever. Find out who prevails at the contest, as John Cena and Shaq release their new album. With Alyssa Cowan (alyssapants.com / @alyssapants / Washington, DC), Ahmed Vallejos, and Jamel Johnson (jameljohnson.com / broccolihouse – Instagram / Washington, DC).